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                                               Beauty of the crater of Mount Tambora

    Climbing Mount Tambora is not just a normal ascent, but the journey tracing the history catwalks, where the once all-powerful eruption occurred in 1815 ago. Three kingdoms surrounding terluluh lantahkan, namely the royal studio, empire and the kingdom of Tambora Concentrated, which killed 92,000 people. Because awesomeness Tamborapun eruptions recorded in world history. Greatness letusannyamenembus limits the human mind, tecatat approximately 6 million  times the  power of the atomic bomb.  
                                                                                    Mount Tambora caldera

From this almighty eruption eventually formed the crater with a width of  about 9 km and a depth of 1110 m. Deploy about 150 km3 of dust up to 1,300 km. When the eruption, central Java and Kalimantan hitammeski dust enveloped in a distance of about 900 kmdari the eruption., Falling dust as thick as 10 cm. Bongkagan eruptions reach heights of up to 44km. That time the world's climate changed drastically. Causing the year without summer, daily minimum temperature is not fair to be low in the northern hemisphere from late spring to early autumn. Widespread famine due to crop failure.

That's a little story that dreadful eruption of Mount Tambora until whenever legendary and will remain a legend.

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