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  Kalaki is a tourist attraction located in the bay area Bima with choppy seas that are not big and natural panotama mountains all around. Kalaki located in the heart of Regency. Bima and can be reached by public transportation or private.

                 Kalaki often become the object of study tours for youth in district schools. Bima

 Has a stunning natural beauty Old island with an area of ​​4.8 km2 in which there is an exquisite scenic lake. Mystery beauty, inviting us to always chatting with the nuances.

                                                        'Lake brine'

                                                                       Pulau Satonda

                                        The other hand the natural beauty of the lake Satonda


Dam Pela-Parado has beautiful natural scenery and cool, flanked by two mountains with jungles and k Ebun hazelnut and durian orchard.

  Enjoy the cool mountain air with a boat tour or fishing with family

 Horse Racing

Horseracing is mentradisi for the community Bima. Four to five times a year held horse races held at the racetrack in the village Panda within 6 km from the capital city districts. Bima.


Benhur / gig or in a language Bimanya 'Benhu' is a practical means of transportation, convenient and fun

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