Jumat, 25 November 2011


Works: Nazamuddin, S. Pd

Yesterday ... I did not speak a word, my beloved
Yesterday ... I speak without meaning, in simple thoughts
yesterday .... I write with white ink on white paper

Today my beloved ...
I was transformed into singing merrily thousand asa
in a world of sorrow pierced stupidity
  and, today ... my beloved
I grow and blossom
like lilies, cheerfully greet the morning.

beloved ...
You plug the milestones of faith and piety in the chest
You kibarkan flag in my mind the knowledge and technology
you spread your love of the infinite screen
my little tiny boat to go quietly
and brave through the storm
You are my beloved ...
because you love me not reciprocated
thou my song ...
because you sound beautiful lyrics full of meaning
thou lamp
for thou torch gulitaku
you are my beloved
For you ... .. teacher

O the moon ...
let me enjoy the beautiful sinarmu
with passion and compassion teacher
O the sun ...
  let them light torches along the path
so that I can up the gangplank Divine
O .... The wind
  I let the breath they deliver
toward the contest the essential

Thank you, Mr. teachers
Thank you Ms. teachers
Credit is not forgotten, until the body was conceived life

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