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Basuki Abdullah the Maestro Naturalisme

  Basuki Abdullah and his works
Basuki craze started painting since the age of six. One time the man born Sriwedari, Solo, January 27, 1915, was lying sick, fraudulent cheating painting of Jesus Christ. While painting, he felt the pain gradually recovered. Basuki then switch from Muslim to Christian; (Catholic).

                  At the age of 34 years (1949), Basuki follow a self-portrait painting competition Dutch Queen Juliana. The competition was followed by 81 painters from all over the world. But that is able to complete the portrait of the Queen on time only 21 painters, including Basuki. He even appeared as a champion. Since then, Basuki in demand as a portrait painter himself.

Basuki knew his father, painter R. Abdullah Surjosubroto, only after the age of 15 years. One time, the second of five brothers, draw a lion's
        'Brother and Sister'                                       pounce. ''The tiger painting laughing,''joked his father, the son of Dr. movement leaders. Wahidin Sudirohusodo. Basuki felt hurt and cynical comments terpecut by the father.


              Departing adult, he likes to paint figures of the movement, among others, Mahatma Gandhi. Basuki began to wander in 1947. At first he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Art Holland, and Italy, and France.

Than 42 years living abroad, 20 years spent in Holland, and 17 years in Thailand. Basuki managed to edit the Thai girl. Back to Jakarta, he brings with his Thai wife, was appointed President Sukarno as a painter Palace. In 1961, he invited the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, to paint the King and his wife, Queen Sirikit, until he became court painter in Bangkok. Two years later, he received a star gift Poporo as the Royal Palace of Artists.

The style is naturalistic, the pursuit of family resemblance and form, Basuki favored the upper classes. Various statesmen and their wives as race'm painted Basuki: President Sukarno, the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Philip of England, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, and the sophisticated caliber Mrs Ratna Sari Dewi. Who come to his home, in residential Shangrila Indah, Jakarta, no less: Jenny Rachman, Eva Arnaz, even Admiral Sudomo.

Came the invitation to the Palace Mangkunegaran, Solo, in the Revolution, Basuki missed Miss Siti Hartinah painting. He chose another model. After Siti Hartinah became the First Lady before Basuki opportunity to paint. ''Why not now?''Teased President Suharto. Basuki dodged, "It used to 'do the Old Order era. Now that the New Order era, so I accept,''said Basuki, who had painted 300 portraits of himself.
Basuki has  beenmarried three times before it met a Thai girl, his fourth wife. Three first marriage foundered. The story of his meeting with Thai girls starting from the judge beauty queen contest in 1967. Basuki fascinated by a yellow-skinned contest participants and dimples. Nataya Nareerat girl, his fourth wife who closed to within 30 years. They had a daughter named Sidawaty Bharany.

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